How to Start Skateboarding?

Skateboarding is not hard to learn, though it can get highly technical at times but it is just a matter of years and some broken bones. We have compiled the most basic and important tips for a layman to start skateboarding as a sport, an activity, or mode of transport.

Buy a proper skateboard, ride with others, ask for advice online and in the real world, and don’t be embarrassed. Everybody had to learn at some point, there’s nothing wrong with that. Skateboarding is great for your mental condition and is one of the best core body workouts which increases body balance, and concentration. It boosts self-confidence and is a complete freedom of expression.

  • Take it slow
  • Learn how to fall
  • Proper equipment
  • Skate with others
  • Make and watch videos
  • Ask for advice on the web
  • Age and overall fitness
  • Never Give up!

Take it Slow

Many beginners make it hard for themselves by immediately going for technical stuff. Skipping the basics will make it harder to progress later on. To be fair, landing a trick can be very rewarding but if you don’t master the basics, you’ll progress slower. Some tricks take time and you need to work your way up before you can nail it. Also make sure you know which stance you prefer, goofy or regular. It’s harder to learn skateboarding if you don’t know your natural stance.

Start by just balancing or pushing. You need to be able to push around comfortably and learn how your board responds. Here’s how your first day should look like. Start on grass or carpet so your board can’t move ride it out, and repeat until you feel more in control. Once you can ride and know how to carve a little you can move on to really basic stuff. We would recommend to just practice and ride your skateboard for a couple of weeks first. Master basic tricks so that it’s easier to move on to more advanced tricks.


By Anubhav Vijayvargiya